Video: Oklahoma Woman Attempts to Sell Horrifyingly 'Haunted' Armchair

By Tim Binnall

An Oklahoma woman's attempt to sell a used armchair online wound up causing something of a stir when people noticed that the leather upholstery appears to sport the eerie outline of a person. The unsettling piece of furniture was reportedly first purchased on an internet marketplace site by DeAnna Whitlock, who claims that she never noticed the odd imperfection when it sat in her home. However, when she decided to get rid of the armchair as part of a redecorating effort and listed the piece online, she was soon inundated with responses from people aghast at what they were seeing.

Describing the armchair as "beautiful" and in good condition, Whitlock almost immediately began hearing from people who begged to differ because the nightmarish furniture clearly features what looks to be the shape of someone sitting in it. "People were texting me," she recalled, "and asking me, 'Really, give us the story. Did someone die in it? Did someone melt in it?'" To the best of her knowledge, Whitlock says she has no idea what could have caused the curious marking. Lest one think that she feigned ignorance to drive the price of the chair up, Whitlock now says that she plans to keep the piece, which she has dubbed 'Henry.'


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