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Video: On the Hunt for 'Alien Alloys'

By Tim Binnall

One of the more intriguing subplots to last December's revelations that there had been a Pentagon UFO program were claims surrounding 'alien alloys' purportedly in the group's possession. Since that time considerable speculation has surrounded these 'metamaterials,' as they've come to be known. A new KLAS I-Team report from C2C's George Knapp provides an update on the mystery and a glimpse of one such object which very well may have come from a UFO.

The piece in question was revealed by Dr. Hal Puthoff during a presentation back in June in which he described it as "a multilayered bismuth and magnesium sample" which was "supposedly picked up in the crash retrieval of an advanced aerospace vehicle." According to him, the construction of the material was rather unique to experts, who conceded that "we don't know why anybody would want to make anything like this."

Beyond that, it appears that we may be seeing more such objects in the future. Lue Elizondo of the To the Stars Academy has indicated that the group has "multiple samples from multiple sources" consisting of "a wide range of variety and integrity." And the organization aims to collect additional materials by way of a new program that they launched earlier this year.

While they may not pick the apocryphal 'toilet seat from a flying saucer' which skeptics so often insist on when asking for evidence of this kind, UFO enthusiasts are no doubt hopeful that the effort will result in something powerful enough to persuade the mainstream public that the phenomenon is worthy of serious examination.

Coast Insiders can hear Puthoff discuss his examination of this piece of metamaterial by checking out his 1/28/2018 appearance on the program. Not a Coast Insider yet? Sign up today.

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