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Video: Onion Odor Baffles NYC Man

A Brooklyn man is trying to get to the bottom of an odd mystery wafting through his neighborhood: an unexplained onion smell that seemingly has no source.

Michael Cucinotta first noticed the odor three years ago while out walking his dog and, since then, has been flummoxed by the unexplained smell which he says is particularly potent.

"It hits you as soon as you leave the apartment," he told CBS New York, "it goes for blocks."

Making things all the more maddening is that the onion odor appears to randomly occur without any discernible schedule.

This facet of the mystery proved to be particularly problematic when the local TV station did a feature on his quest to find the source of the smell and the odor was nowhere to be found.

"Today in not an onion day," he declared, no doubt now even more annoyed with the strange smell which has perplexed him for years.

Fortunately for Cucinotta, other residents in the community backed up his story, saying that they have also detected the phantom onion odor, yet are uncertain of its origin.

The prevailing theory is that the smell comes from one of the restaurants in the neighborhood, but no one can specifically say which eatery could be the cause of the onion commotion.

And so, unfortunately, the smell is likely to continue haunting Cucinotta for the foreseeable future, much to the frustrated man's chagrin as he lamented to the TV station, "where is it coming from? Where? I just want to know."

Source: CBS New York

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