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Video: Package Containing Suspected Brain Found on Beach in Wisconsin

By Tim Binnall

A construction worker taking a stroll along a beach in Wisconsin was left scratching his head when he stumbled upon what appears to be a brain wrapped in tinfoil. According to a local media report, Jimmy Senda made the gruesome find on Tuesday afternoon while visiting Samuel Myers Park in the city of Racine. Looking for sea glass or other odd items "because I like to do artwork at home with the stuff that I find," the man noticed something unusual in the sand which, it's safe to say, he won't be using in any future projects.

"I came across this square package, wrapped in aluminum foil," Senda recalled, "and around it, it had a pink rubber band." His curiosity piqued by the puzzling object, the beachcomber "popped it open" and discovered what he initially thought was a chicken breast. However, upon further inspection, Senda came to believe that the fleshy oddity was, in fact, a brain. His suspicions were echoed by some park workers he called over to look at the unsettling package, which prompted a call to the police who, upon arriving on the scene, also indicated that they thought it was a brain.

Authorities subsequently seized the suspected organ and turned it over to the Racine County Medical Examiner's Office for identification. In what may provide some small comfort to concerned citizens in the community, observers online have posited that the size of the potential brain suggests that it likely came from a pig and not a human. That said, adding an additional layer of mystery to an already weird story, the package also contained flowers and paper with Mandarin writing on it, leading some to theorize that perhaps there was some kind of ritualistic purpose for the bizarre bundle.



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