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Video: Pakistani Boy is 'Human Owl'

A fourteen-year-old boy in Pakistan has aspirations of making it in Hollywood by way of his unbelievable ability to turn his head 180 degrees.

Footage of Muhammad Sameer Khan showcasing his literal head-turning skills has taken the Internet by storm, leaving some viewers amazed and others feeling a bit queasy.

In the incredible video, the boy grasps the sides of his head and twists it backwards so that it is facing the opposite direction in a fashion that looks almost like it was done with special effects.

But the bizarre talent is quite real and, perhaps even more remarkably, is the result of years of practice by Khan, who spotted the trick done in a movie when he was just a child.

Impressed by the feat, the boy began trying to do it himself and, eventually, mastered the weird 'art' with the hopes that it, too, will land him a spot on the silver screen.

Considering the attention generated Khan's video has generated, his dream very well may come true, provided he doesn't mind being typecast as the guy with the spinning head.

Source: Daily Mail


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