Video: Pigeons Outfitted with MAGA Hats Released by 'Radical Group' in Las Vegas

By Tim Binnall

The bizarre trend of pigeons wearing hats has taken yet another weird turn as a self-described 'underground radical group' recently shared a video showing the birds outfitted with Make America Great Again hats and set free to roam the streets of Las Vegas. The very strange "aerial protest piece" was reportedly the work of an organization calling themselves 'Pigeons, United To Interfere Now' or PUTIN. The group sent a rather well-produced presentation of the cap-wearing creatures being released by members of the organization.

Speaking to the Las Vegas Review-Journal under the condition of anonymity, the group leader explained that they were protesting Wednesday night's Democratic debate being held in the city and that the proverbial MAGA pigeons were "coordinated to serve as a gesture of support and loyalty to President Trump." To that end, alongside the dozen or so birds wearing the now-iconic red caps, there was also one pigeon who sported a wig resembling the president's trademark hairstyle.

Acknowledging the outcry which accompanied sightings of cowboy hat-wearing pigeons seen in Las Vegas back in December and the subsequent case of a sombrero-clad bird seen in Reno, the PUTIN member insisted that they had nothing to do with those incidents and asserted that their work was carefully orchestrated with the health and safety of the animals in mind. According to the shadowy spokesperson for the organization, they allegedly captured, cleaned, and cared for the creatures over an extended period of time at a clandestine coop hidden somewhere in the city.

As for how they stuck the hats and wig to the pigeons' heads, PUTIN said that they used eyelash glue, which they argued was perfectly safe and temporary. "The hats usually stay on for a day or two, depending on the bird's movements," said the organization's spokesperson. They also indicated that since the animals have grown accustomed to living in the coop, they naturally return to the roost after a few days in the wild and, at that point, the group will be able to remove the hats if they have not fallen off by then. While that very well may be the case, one can only imagine that animal activists aren't too thrilled to see more pigeons being outfitted with hats.

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