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Video: President Trump Talks UFOs Again

By Tim Binnall

For the second time in just the last few weeks, President Trump shared his thoughts on the UFO phenomenon and provided a bit more clarity as far as his personal take on the enigma. In an interview with Tucker Carlson that aired on Fox News this past Friday evening, the president was asked about his previous comments about reports from Navy pilots concerning their encounters with UFOs. Noting that Trump revealed that he'd been briefed on the matter, Carlson cut to the proverbial chase and simply asked if UFOs "are real."

The president responded by saying "I don't want to really get into it too much, but, personally, I tend to doubt it." That said, Trump quickly noted that the witnesses "swear by it" and observed that their accounts appear to be credible because they were "not pilots that are into that particular world." He went on to muse that "I'm not a believer, but, you know, anything's possible."

The conversation continued with Carlson asking the president about longstanding rumors that the government is in possession of UFO wreckage that is kept "in a facility on an Air Force base." In response, Trump indicated that he was aware of these claims, by way of Carlson's program, but "within government, it has not been a big thing." He ultimately concluded that "I don't assume it's correct, but I have an open mind."

While Trump's opinion on the UFO phenomenon may be disappointing to those who are "into that particular world," as he calls it, they can take solace in the fact that he continues to support the credibility of the Navy pilots who reported seeing something unusual. And, in light of the considerable amount of media attention the phenomenon has received over the last year or so, there's a very good chance that the president will be asked about the topic again in the future, especially if new developments arise.

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