Video: Prominent Flat Earth Researcher Interviewed on British Morning Program

By Tim Binnall

In a wildly entertaining segment on a popular British morning show, a prominent Flat Earth researcher from America attempted to convince the incredulous hosts that the much-maligned conspiracy theory is correct. Mark Sargent, star of the Netflix film Behind the Curve, was a guest on Tuesday's edition of This Morning, a national television program in England that boasts an audience of around one million viewers and may best be compared to Live with Kelly and Ryan here in the United States.

During the segment, which lasted a whopping 12 minutes, Sargent explained why he believes the planet is flat and responded to several skeptical questions from hosts Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield. When the latter presenter recalled flying in a Concorde jet at a height of 65,000 feet and seeing the curvature of the Earth, the conspiracy theorist countered with the claim that there is weather balloon footage from 120,000 feet and the planet is "tabletop flat."

The hosts then showed live footage of the Earth from the International Space Station and pressed Sargent for an answer to how that was possible if the planet is flat, to which he responded that "you're looking at CGI." The conversation continued along these lines for the next several minutes, with Willoughby and Schofield putting forward skeptical questions such as what surrounds the edge of the planet and why we don't fall off if it is flat. In each instance, Sargent deftly explained how the conspiracy theory answers these points of contention.

Although the segment was largely friendly, one couldn't help but detect a bit of frustration from the hosts as they grew increasingly bewildered by the Flat Earther's answers. That said, it ultimately culminated with an amusing moment in which Schofield argued that, in light of all the turmoil in today's world, "I think we'd all probably cope" with being told that the Earth is flat and Sargent agreed. Sounding like a Flat Earther himself, the host then declared "stop spending money on CGI and fake space projects and let's build some more hospitals."

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