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Video: Radio Station Has No Ghosts

In a unique twist on the usual TV news segments surrounding paranormal investigators, a recent feature from Detroit saw ghost hunters search for high strangeness but come up short.

The organization Detroit Paranormal Investigations was given free reign to explore a massive radio studio which serves as the home to several stations broadcasting in the state, including the iconic WWJ.

Rather than sensationalize the experience, the group inadvertently provided viewers at home with a refreshing glimpse of what actually happens on a ghost hunt when the investigation yielded no signs of paranormal activity.

The only moment that even stood out, they said, was when some members of the group heard the sound of a woman crying, but conceded that it could have just been coming from chairs.

Admirably, the group expressed little dismay at having not found any ghostly presence at the studio and displayed a more realistic take on the prospects of searching for spirits.

Indeed, the segment served as a good reminder that not every old or historic building has a ghost that calls it home.

And we're guessing that the people who actually work at the cavernous studio were thrilled with their findings, since it presumably means they are not sharing the break room with a ghost.

Source: CBS Detroit


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