Video: 'Real Housewives' Look for Bigfoot

Looking for Big Foot

Will the search for Big Foot be successful? Find out tonight on an all-new #RHOD TONIGHT at 9/8c!

Posted by Real Housewives of Dallas on Monday, April 5, 2021

By Tim Binnall

In an entertaining mix of two strange worlds, the latest edition of the reality TV program "Real Housewives of Dallas" saw the ladies embark on a search for Bigfoot. The plot, such as it was, of the program reportedly centered around Stephanie Hollman, one of the stars of the wildly popular Bravo series, taking her cohorts on a road trip vacation to Oklahoma. Shortly after their arrival, she surprises them by revealing that she has enlisted prominent local Sasquatch enthusiast Charles Benton, who claims to have once encountered the creature, to lead them on a hunt for the famed cryptid.

Although the ladies bitingly dismiss the existence of Bigfoot in private confessional interviews, most of them humor Benton as he vividly recounts his experience running into the creature so long ago. As can be seen in the clip above, he then amusingly instructs them on how to produce a call similar to the one he heard from Sasquatch and then leads the women into the wilderness in the hopes of encountering the creature. Far removed from their posh lives in Dallas, the ladies are understandably uneasy as they wade through the forest wielding machetes.

Of course, it would not be a reality television program without some proverbial sparks flying and that occurred when star Kary Brittingham had a few too many drinks and took issue with the Sasquatch enthusiast's proclivity for hunting. This resulted in her berating the good-natured Benton, who was admirably unfazed throughout the very uncomfortable moment which elicited disgust from stars of the show. Unfortunately, as one may have surmised, the ladies did not find Bigfoot during their expedition, though they did stumble upon plenty of drama, which is what we're guessing was the real purpose of the hunt.


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