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Video: Rhino Flips Car Containing Zookeeper at Safari Park in Germany

By Tim Binnall

A jaw-dropping video from a safari park in Germany shows an ornery rhinoceros charging at and flipping a car containing an unlucky zookeeper. The terrifying incident reportedly occurred at a location known as Serengeti Park in the town of Hodenhagen this past Sunday as the site was getting ready to close for the evening. When the last safari group of the day stopped at the rhino enclosure, visitors saw a relatively small car attempting to persuade one of the monstrous creatures to return to its stable and things quickly turned ugly.

In footage filmed by one of the astounded onlookers, the rhino easily flips the car, which looks diminutive in comparison to the massive creature. After initially rolling the vehicle three times, the rhino continues its assault by pushing the car around the enclosure. Strangely enough, as this was all unfolding, the tour guide driving the jeep containing a dozen terrified tourists did little to assuage their fears and mostly joked about what they were watching.

The rhino eventually departed the scene after it lost interest in the car and then the battered zookeeper emerged from the vehicle when a team of rescue workers arrived. Fortunately, she suffered only a concussion and some bruises from the wild episode and, amazingly told her bosses that she wanted to come back to work by the end of the week. Conversely, the rhino's days at the safari park appear to be numbered as officials at the zoo plan to send the creature to another facility since, in their estimation, "he is unsuitable for the safari park."

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