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Video: Russian Stuntman Survives Being Buried in Snow for 13 Minutes

A Russian daredevil dubbed 'Iceman' due to his seemingly supernatural abilities to withstand frigid temperatures survived being buried in snow for 13 minutes in a special Valentine's Day stunt dedicated to his wife. Oleg Rezanov's strange gesture of love reportedly occurred earlier today in the Siberian city of Yakutsk. At the event, which drew considerable media attention in Russia, he laid down in a heart-shaped 'snow coffin' clad in just a thin pair of shorts and possessing only a cloth to cover his face.

Workers standing around the hole proceeded to bury Rezanov in the snow until he was completely covered. Amazingly, they then upped the ante on the stunt by pouring water onto the mound containing the daredevil. As one can surmise, since the temperature in Taukutsk at the time of the event was -25 degrees Fahrenheit, the water quickly turned to ice and encased the man in a frigid tomb. At a predetermined time of 13 minutes after he'd been buried, Rezanov was pulled from the snow apparently no worse for wear.

Speaking to reporters after he'd gotten warm, Rezanov marveled that "nobody believed this could be done. I almost doubted myself." Asked how he endured some extreme conditions, the daredevil explained that he entered into some kind of trace during the stunt and that apparently allowed him to temporarily withstand the cold temperatures. Although his wife did not attend the event due to concerns for her husband's safety, Rezanov happily declared to his Valentine after being unearthed alive "everything is fine. Irina, I love you very much! I'll be home soon." Good luck topping that one, guys.

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