Video: Sasquatch Search Leads to Shots Being Fired at Kentucky Campsite

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By Tim Binnall

A couple in Kentucky were forced to cut their camping trip short after they encountered a gun-toting man who was apparently searching for Sasquatch and shooting into the woods. The bizarre incident reportedly occurred this past weekend as Brad Ginn and Madelyn Durand were enjoying some time at the Mammoth Cave National Park. In the wee hours of the morning on Sunday, the campers were roused from their slumber by a strange visitor to their campsite.

The odd individual informed the drowsy duo that something had destroyed his campsite and that he was looking for the perpetrator. Lest one thinks he was accusing the couple of the nefarious deed, the man appeared to indicate that he had a different suspect in mind: Sasquatch. According to Ginn, he told the two campers that they needed to be careful because they were in "Bigfoot country," which, as one can imagine, they found to be a rather weird thing to say.

Things only got stranger when the man asked them if they had any weapons, presumably to fend off any ferocious Sasquatches that they may encounter. When they told him that they did not, Durand said, "he flashed his gun at us and was like 'I have this so if anything happens to you then just yell and I'll come.'" Following that somewhat unsettling assurance, the couple proceeded to return to their tent and the man went on his way, ostensibly to continue his hunt for Bigfoot.

Any hopes that the couple may have had for getting back to sleep were soon shattered when the man started shooting into the woods. In response, Ginn and Durand smartly decided to make a hasty getaway and phoned the cops as they hiked the five miles back to their car where they met a park ranger who was dispatched to investigate the matter. Confirming the odd report, a spokesperson for Mammoth Cave said that authorities "made contact with all the parties involved," but did not say whether or not the man shot a Sasquatch, though we're guessing that he did not.

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