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Video: Set of Sasquatch Tracks Found?

By Tim Binnall

A man in Washington state suspects that he may have stumbled upon evidence of Sasquatch in the form of a curious set of tracks found in some rather deep snow. The discovery was reportedly made by a man named Steve Meacham as he and his wife were driving through their neighborhood in the city of Medical Lake. When they noticed the weird trail, the couple immediately stopped so that they could take some pictures of the puzzling sight.

According to Meacham, each impression measured around two feet long and whatever made the tracks seemingly possessed a three-foot stride. A self-proclaimed Bigfoot believer, he conceded that "I can't say I'm 100 percent sure" that the tracks came from the legendary creature, "but I hope so." Meacham subsequently posted the pictures to a community Facebook page, where they garnered a considerable amount of attention and spawned speculation as to what may have created the trail.

Although some residents offered amusing suggestions, like maybe they were made by the Easter Bunny, there were two prosaic possibilities which stood out as particularly compelling. The first is that they were created by a moose, although Meacham expressed skepticism about that scenario. "I've never seen a moose walk and step and walk and step and not show signs of a four-legged creature," he argued.

The other explanation, which has been offered by the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife, is that the tracks came from a person, possibly one wearing snowshoes, and that they became distorted by the weather. Be that as it may, Meacham was steadfast in his contention that they could have been from a Bigfoot. "Never stop believing," he mused, "if you can't believe in something that you can't reach, then there's no sense in going forward."

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