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Video: 'Singing Road' to be Silenced

A Dutch road outfitted with special 'musical' rumble strips could soon be silenced after nearby residents complained that the tune was driving them mad.

Located near the village of Jelsum, the 'singing road' was designed to produce a regional anthem when drivers passed over it while adhering to the speed limit.

What was initially considered a clever concept when it comes to traffic safety was soon revealed to be a nightmare for anyone living within earshot of the road.

Described by one person as "psychological torture," members of the community say that they are already sick of hearing the song over and over again both during the day and throughout the night.

Making matters worse, rather than encourage drivers to maintain the speed limit, the 'singing road' has actually had the reverse effect as curious motorists have begun driving faster in an effort to tinker with the tune.

The outcry against the bizarre form of noise pollution ultimately led local authorities to concede that the musical motorway wasn't quite working out as had been expected and, thus, the rumble strips are set to be removed last this week.

One can only hope that the unfortunate residents who now have the song stuck in their head can receive similar swift relief once the sweet sound of silence is restored.

Source: BBC

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