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Video: Single Men Stage Strange Protest in Japan

Around a dozen men in Japan took to the streets over the weekend to show their outrage at being alone for the holidays.

The weird demonstration, held on Christmas Eve, was the work of the incredibly-named Revolutionary Alliance of Unpopular Men.

With signs saying things such as "We Oppose Christmas" and "Repent Couples," approximately 15 members of the group participated in the Tokyo march that lasted nearly a half-hour.

Lest one think that the protest was done for laughs, video from the event suggests that they are very serious about their concerns.

In fact, Sunday's march was the 10th such Christmas Eve gathering for the group, although the very nature of the event likely prevented much celebration by the cadre of unhappy bachelors.

Whether their luck will turn around in 2018 remains to be seen and may depend on if their online dating profile boasts 'member of the Revolutionary Alliance of Unpopular Men,' since that seems like a sure bet to earn a swipe left.

Source: RocketNews24

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