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Video: Snake Gets Stuck in Woman's Pierced Ear!

A woman in Oregon wound up in the hospital this week after her pet python somehow slithered into the hole of her pierced ear!

Ashley Glawe of Portland sports the popular style of enlarged ear piercing known as 'gauging' and is also the proud owner of a ball python dubbed 'Bart.'

These two interests intertwined in an unexpected and painful fashion when Glawe wrapped the snake around her neck and the creature slipped into the hole in her earlobe.

Initially stunned and unsure of what exactly was happening, Glawe froze and thought that Bart was attacking her.

Despite the extremely bizarre circumstances, she did not panic once she realized that the snake was stuck in her piercing, knowing that her ear would split if Bart tried to go any further through the hole.

After attempts to coax the creature out of the predicament proved fruitless, Glawe went to the ER where doctors used string to stretch the hole and slip Bart out of the tight squeeze.

Given the jaw-dropping nature of the photos from Glawe and Bart's adventure, we sincerely hope it does not inspire the next alternative fashion look.

Source: CNN


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