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Video: Spate of Bigfoot Sightings Spawns Museum

A series of recent Bigfoot encounters in a small North Carolina town has led one resident to create a museum dedicated to the creature.

Cryptozoologist Stephen Barcello says that numerous members of the community of Littleton have seemingly spotted the legendary cryptid roaming the area over the past few months.

Unfortunately for the researcher, not everyone in Littleton is forthcoming about their experiences.

"There's a lot of people in this town who have had sightings who still won't come talk to us just out of fear of being ridiculed," he revealed to CBS North Carolina.

One witness who did go on the record, Tiffanie Merrill, described a large, longhaired creature running through her yard one morning.

Merrill insisted that the mystery animal was not a bear nor a coyote and declared that "I've never seen anything like that, whatsoever."

Barcello speculates that the wave of sightings may be because of a logging project in the region and that could be causing the Bigfoot to seek new realms to roam.

An avid student of high strangeness, Barcello has turned his home into a paranormal museum to showcase the Bigfoot evidence collected from sightings that he has investigated along with other odd items.

Barcello hopes that his town will join the litany of other communities that have begun to embrace their Bigfoot connection.

"We're putting Littleton on the map, which is good," he mused, "for a positive reason and a fun reason."

Whether Bigfoot feels the same way will likely remain a mystery unless the elusive creature decides to stop by and leave some fresh prints for the museum.

Source: CBS North Carolina

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