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Video: Store in Oregon Acquires Enormous Sasquatch Statue

By Tim Binnall

Motorists passing by a store in Oregon may be forgiven for doing a double take due to a fantastic piece of artwork recently installed in front of the establishment: an enormous Sasquatch statue. According to a local media report, the massive wood carving sits in front of Smokey's Stoves in the city of Grant's Pass. Weighing a whopping 4,000 pounds and standing a jaw-dropping 15 feet tall, the statue was placed in front of the shop by way of a crane on Monday afternoon.

The piece, owner Gene Bradley said, was commissioned by an artist who spent two weeks carving the cryptid out of a redwood tree trunk. Noting that the city of Grant's Pass is known for showcasing a variety of bear statues throughout the community, he explained that he opted for a depiction of Bigfoot because "I didn't want to just be another bear on the block." Considering its tremendous size and the work it took to install the piece, it's probably a safe bet that Smokey's Sasquatch statue is probably safe from any Bigfoot bandits.


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