Video: Strange Triangular Anomaly Spotted in the Sky Over Philadelphia

By Tim Binnall

An odd photograph purportedly taken in Philadelphia seems to show a strange triangular anomaly hovering in the night sky. The eerie image, which is showcased on a YouTube channel devoted to paranormal videos and photos, was reportedly taken a few days ago by a woman named Venetia, who spotted the puzzling sight and quickly snapped a picture of it. In the photo, a rather distinct triangular shape can be seen standing out amidst an otherwise normal view of the evening sky.

Intriguingly, there appears to be an illumination coming from behind the object, which reveals the shape of the anomaly. As for what it could be, the consensus among viewers online largely centers around it being some kind of craft, either of the alien or human variety. Those in the latter camp have suggested that the oddity may have actually been the mysterious TR-3B, which is said to be a triangular spy plane developed by the US government that many believe to be the source of similarly shaped 'Black Triangle' UFO sightings in the past. What's your take on the weird photo? Give us your best theory at the C2C Facebook page.


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