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Video: Texas Home Transforms Into 'Island of Dolls' for Halloween

By Tim Binnall

A couple in Texas came up with a clever and rather creepy concept for decorating their home this Halloween season: an homage to Mexico's famous 'Island of Dolls.' Known as La Isla de las Munecas, the island south of Mexico City is a popular tourist attraction which was covered in dolls by its owner as a means of warding off the spirit of a girl who had drowned nearby. According to a local media report, inspired by the location and the chilling story attached to it, Brenda and Ian Haynes decided to create their own 'Island of Dolls' in the yard outside their home in the community of Katy.

Arranged throughout their yard and all over the outside of their home are more than 100 dolls which the couple have acquired over the years. "My aunt, she works at a thrift store, so she helped me out a lot," Brenda explained, "garage sales, thrift stores, people gave them to me. Everybody would give me dolls!" As one might imagine, the home has become a hit in their neighborhood with many people stopping by the residence so that they can take a picture of the eerie scene.


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