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Video: Thieves Leave Weird Llama Photo Behind in Place of Stolen Mail

By Tim Binnall

Residents of a neighborhood in West Virginia were not amused after thieves stole their mail and replaced it with laminated photos of a llama. The bizarre incident reportedly occurred early last week along a pair of streets in the city of Charleston. Staci Tinney recalled going out to her mailbox and being surprised to see that the only thing inside was a strange picture of a llama wearing sunglasses.

A subsequent check of her home security system revealed that someone in a black truck had stopped at her home and appeared to make the switcheroo. And, after speaking with her neighbors, Tinney learned that she was not the only victim of the odd mail theft. It would appear that authorities were quick to respond to her call as police were on the scene while the truck was still in the area, but the perpetrators managed to evade capture.

That said, Tinney says that someone aware of the situation spoke with the people in the truck, who offered a baffling explanation for their behavior that was somewhat befitting of one who is putting llama photos in mailboxes. According to her, the individuals explained that they were "handing out wedding invitations." This led the mystified Tinney to muse that "we don't know anybody who knows a llama personally and definitely no one who gave us blank pictures of a llama as a wedding invitation."

Having been struck by thieves who had previously stolen her trash for, presumably, identity theft purposes, Tinney wondered if perhaps that was the case again in this instance. While that theory certainly seems plausible, we're hard pressed to come with a reason why the individuals would leave behind llama photos. If you think you can offer an explanation, aside from bored teenagers looking of a laugh, let us know at the Coast to Coast AM Facebook page.

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