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Video: Three-Horned Cow Spotted on Farm in Brazil

By Tim Binnall

An odd piece of footage from a farm in Brazil shows a cow with three horns on its head! The bizarre bovine was purportedly filmed last month at an unnamed location in the country and the video subsequently appeared online this week. Unfortunately, that is all the information that is available about the footage. Nonetheless, the scene is rather riveting since, after all, it's not everyday that one sees a cow with three horns.

In the video, the creature can be seen roaming around inside a large pen alongside numerous other normal-looking cattle. Based on the cow's behavior in the brief clip, it appears to be perfectly healthy and relatively mature, suggesting that the extra horn did not have a deleterious impact on the animal's life. And, since it seems to be simply living with the other cattle, it stands to reason that, thankfully, the creature's unique feature has not been exploited by selling it to a circus or some other place that would mistreat the animal.

It's uncertain as to what may have caused the creature to grow a third horn, but the prevalent theory is that it sprouted due to some kind of mutation, likely occurring at birth since all three of the appendages look to be about the same size. Although the such an abnormality could have come about naturally, a similar tri-horned cow found in Uzbekistan back in 2016 was suspected of looking that way because of environmental pollution. As such, the farmer who owns the cow would probably be wise to keep it around rather than eating it, since a burger from the beast just might be hazardous to his health.

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