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Video: 'Time Traveler' Claims to Have Photo from the Future

An odd video posted online earlier this month features a young man claiming to be a time traveler and sharing a purported photo from the future.

In the footage, the alleged whistleblower's face and voice are distorted, presumably for his protection, as he details his experience while sitting at a picnic table in a snowy setting.

Over the course of almost 15 minutes, he weaves a fantastic tale about being enlisted into a secret time travel program in the 1990's.

According to the self-proclaimed time traveler, he was sent to the unfathomable year of 6000, where he was astounded by how much the world had changed.

Specifically, he says that teleportation is commonplace and scientists have developed a way for someone to travel back in time to invisibly watch historic events without changing the past.

Denizens of the year 6000, the purported time traveler revealed, are governed by artificial intelligence which can perfectly predict the future.

In an attempt to prove his fantastic claims, the young man then dramatically produces a blurry photo from his pocket and declares that it is of a major city in the 6000.

As for why the photo is of such poor quality, the 'time traveler' conveniently explains that it became distorted from the time travel process.

Later in the footage, he laments that his co-traveler to the year 6000 became stuck there and unable to return, eliciting profound sobbing from the young man that is either heartbreaking or hilarious, depending on whether or not you believe his story.

To that end, if all of this sounds familiar that is because a remarkably similar story made headlines back in late November when another young man appeared in a video with his face distorted and said he was from the future.

One need only to look at the 1.3 million viewer count for that video to surmise what may have inspired this new time traveler to 'step out of the shadows.'

And, indeed, it seems to have been a success for someone as this latest time traveler video has amassed 1.4 million views in a mere two weeks.

With that in mind, it's a safe bet that these young men are probably not time travelers and, instead, are just really imaginative kids with too much time on their hands.

While one might decry such shenanigans, considering that the current craze with young people is to eat Tide Pods, perhaps pretending to be a time traveler isn't quite so bad.

Source: Daily Star

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