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Video: 'Time Traveler' Passes Lie Detector Test?

A self-proclaimed time traveler hailing from the year 2030 purportedly took a lie detector test to prove to skeptics that he is telling the truth.

Dubbed 'Noah,' the young man made headlines late last year when he 'emerged from hiding' to share his fantastic story of journeying from the not-too-distant future back to our present day.

As one can imagine, his tale was met with considerable skepticism, leading to Noah making yet another video where he allegedly submits to a polygraph test.

However, much like his account of traveling through time, the update is also rather dubious since the video conveniently does not show the device which is supposedly testing him.

Nonetheless, the interviewer who spoke with Noah insisted that there was an actual polygraph examination taking place at the time and that it confirmed that the young man is telling the truth.

Over the course of an onerous twenty minutes, Noah proceeds to recount his story once again with the video occasionally punctuating the tale with a graphic noting when the lie detector picked up positive signs of his veracity.

Sadly, since we never see the polygraph, viewers are left in the same position they were after seeing Noah's first video in that they are asked to simply 'take his word for it' once again.

What's your opinion of the odd video, is it confirmation that the young man really is from the future or a not-so-clever hoax? Let us know at the C2C Facebook page.

Source: Mirror


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