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Video: 'Time Traveler' Reveals Nanotechnology From the Future

By Tim Binnall

A self-proclaimed whistleblowing time traveler has provided a rather bizarre piece of purported proof for his alleged adventure: a strange dark substance that he says is a form of nanotechnology. The 'future man' in question goes by the name of Noah and, in keeping with tradition, appeared on video with his face and voice distorted as he weaved a fantastic tale about being a denizen of the year 2030 who traveled to our present time period. After seemingly lamenting that all of his previous attempts to prove his claims have fallen on deaf ears, the 'time traveler' unveils what he presumably hopes will be the pièce de résistance when it comes to convincing his critics.

In the footage, Noah presents a plate holding three small jars that contain a dark substance of some kind. He goes on to explain that it is "many, many, many tiny robotic molecules all combining together to make a liquid that you can control with 6G internet." He subsequently reveals a fairly sizeable Mason jar which also contains this material and proceeds to pour it out onto the plate. The slimy-looking substance appears almost jelly-like in nature rather than a liquid and it does not stick to the plate at all. According to Noah, the nanotechnology is used in medical procedures as well as construction projects in the future.

At the close of the video, Noah scoops up the substance and carefully puts it back into the jar, explaining to viewers that anything that came into contact with the material will now have to be rigorously cleaned to avoid contamination. Unfortunately for the 'time traveler,' he then inadvertently undermines his entire story by nonchalantly shaking hands with the cameraman moments after he had just handled the 'dangerous' nanotechnology. For someone hoping to convince the audience that his tale was true, Noah would have probably been wise to leave that particular exchange on the cutting room floor.

Setting aside the possibility that the substance really is a futuristic form of robotics secretly brought back to the past by Noah the time traveler, more skeptical observers will note that it also happens to look a lot like the wildly popular children's toy 'slime.' To that end, a cursory web search produced one brand of the material that bears an uncanny resemblance to Noah's nanotechnology. What's your take on the time traveler's claims? Did he really reveal an exotic new form of matter to the world or have we merely just been slimed? Let us know at the Coast to Coast AM Facebook page.


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