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Video: 'Time Traveler' Shares Revelations from the Future

An odd video circulating online features a man claiming to be a time traveler and purportedly sharing details about events which will unfold in the next few years.

The self-proclaimed 'future man,' obscured via a digital distortion to both his voice and face in the footage, calls himself 'Noah' and says that he came to 2017 from the year 2021.

"It is not my intent to deceive anybody. My sole objective is to prove to you that time travel exists in the next few years," he begins the video

This leads to Noah's dramatic declaration that "in fact, I, myself, am a time traveler."

He then proceeds to weave a fantastic tale about how time travel was discovered in 2003, but has been kept secret and only used by "top secret organizations."

Things then take a dark turn when Noah breaks down sobbing about how his 'natural' year is 2021, but that he "got fired," ostensibly from the time traveling business, and wound up being stuck in 2017.

After presumably being given some time to collect himself, he moves on to share some future events in order to prove time travel exists.

Unfortunately, his 'revelations' are not particularly remarkable and include 'stunning' insights about 2021 like "electric cars and self-driving cars will become dramatically improved" and "people are spending a lot of time in virtual reality."

Noah also indicates that there will be a new device akin to Google Glass and Donald Trump will be re-elected in 2020.

He wraps up the video by thanking people for listening and, in true time traveler fashion, wishes everyone "the best future."

While Noah's testimony is quite compelling, viewers of the video would be wise to watch the footage with a healthy dose of skepticism.

For starters, one would hope that a time traveler trying to prove that they come from the future would provide better evidence than a handful of vague insights that anyone could predict today.

Additionally, although Noah's decision to distort his voice and face via rudimentary video editing provides dramatic effect in the video, it also requires quite the stretch of the imagination.

If the 'man from 2021' is to be believed, time travel has existed for the last 14 years, yet the nefarious organizations intent on keeping it a secret are also somehow unable to decipher a simple digital disguise.

The incongruous nature of these two scenarios, along with other suspicious details about the story such as Noah's youthful appearance, strongly suggest that his entire tale is likely a not-so-clever hoax.

That said, since one can never be quite sure when it comes to time travelers, we wish him the best future and hope that he can find a way back to 2021 without having to wait four years like the rest of us.

What's your take on Noah's tale: is he an unfortunate denizen of the future stuck in 2017 and desperate to get back 'home' or merely someone with a big imagination and way too much time on their hands? Let us know at the Coast to Coast AM Facebook page.

Source: Express


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