Video: Toddler's Ghost Photographed at Graveyard in New Mexico?

By Tim Binnall

A mother in New Mexico believes that a security camera at a cemetery captured images of deceased daughter's spirit visiting her own grave in the middle of the night. According to a local media report, the eerie photographs were taken at a graveyard in the city of Las Cruces. Buried there is Saundra Gonzales's daughter Faviola Rodriguez, who passed away nearly two years ago when she was just two years old.

In recent weeks, the mournful mother noticed that toys and personal items left behind at the grave had begun to go missing. Meanwhile, a family who also had a loved one buried nearby found that some nefarious individual had been vandalizing their late son's grave and so they decided to install a camera to possibly catch the culprit. Although the security system did not spot the ne'er-do-well behind the desecration, it wound up capturing something far more fantastic in the form of some truly jaw-dropping photos.

While looking over images taken by the camera, the family were stunned to see what is undeniable a little girl visiting a grave. Concerned that there was a toddler running around the cemetery at such a late hour, they took the photos to the owners of the site, who recognized that the youngster was visiting the grave of Faviola. When Gonzalez was later shown the pictures, she burst into tears and was certain that it was her late daughter.

One of the images of the potential spirit girl appears to show her holding hands with a larger, less-discernible figure. Gonzalez believes that the second apparition was a young man who died under tragic circumstances recently and was buried at the cemetery. "I think she was definitely there to comfort him," Faviola's mother said, "and take him to heaven." What is your take on the spooky photos from the graveyard? Share your thoughts with us at the C2C Facebook page.

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