Video: Tourist Posing for Photo on 'Ice Throne' Gets Swept Out to Sea

By Tim Binnall

A Texas woman vacationing in Iceland had quite the misadventure when she sat on a small throne-shaped iceberg for a photo and promptly got swept out to sea! The bizarre incident reportedly occurred earlier this week when Judith Streng and her son Rod were visiting a popular destination in the country known as Diamond Beach. While there, they saw several tourists snapping photos of their friends sitting on a piece of ice that resembled a chair.

Following their lead, Streng climbed atop the chilly spot for a photographic memento from her trip to Iceland, but things soon went awry when a powerful wave rocked the faux throne. The force managed to dislodge the small iceberg and subsequently carry it out to sea with the stunned woman still sitting on it. Fortunately, another tourist who saw the frightening scene unfold sprung into action and waded out into the water to save her from danger.

With Streng coming out of the odd ordeal unscathed, the weird event would likely have only been a funny story recounted at future family gatherings were it not for her granddaughter, who posted the pictures online and shared the tale with her followers. As one can imagine, the jaw-dropping images of the grandmother floating out to sea atop the iceberg quickly went viral, leading to Streng making an appearance on Good Morning America along with a number of other media outlets.

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