Video Trailer: 'Missing 411'

In anticipation of his appearance on tonight's program, David Paulides shares this incredible look at the early stages of a forthcoming documentary about the infamous Missing 411 phenomenon.

Missing 411: The Movie features haunting interviews with people who have had their loved ones inexplicably vanish as well as park rangers reflecting on the baffling mystery.

And, C2C's own George Knapp appears in the film to share his thoughts on the perplexing spate of disappearances in America's national parks and other odd locations.

Paulides' reporting on the Missing 411 phenomenon has captivated C2C listeners since he first discussed it on the program nearly five years ago.

Since that time, the story has grown, evolved, taken on baffling new elements, and ensnared an increasing number of people fascinated by the mystery of these unexplained disappearances.

Coast Insiders can revisit an incredible sixteen past programs covering the Missing 411 phenomenon with David Paulides, including the initial episode that introduced the puzzling trend back in 2012.

Follow the journey as Paulides uncovers more and more disappearances throughout the country, notices some extremely peculiar patterns to these cases, and expresses concern as the incidents appear to be increasing!

Urban disappearances, children that go missing, and even hunters who vanish have all been featured in discussions about the Missing 411 phenomenon on C2C with David Paulides over the years.

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