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Video: UFO Filmed Exiting Earth's Atmosphere?

Anomaly hunters keeping an eye on the International Space Station live feed believe they have spotted a UFO leaving the Earth's atmosphere to meet with another craft in space!

The intriguing footage appears to show an object leaving the Earth and creating a huge glowing spot as it exits the atmosphere.

Leaving behind some kind of smoke-like trail, the object then briefly vanishes before 'joining up' with another anomalous 'craft' and then disappearing altogether.

Aside from the UFO angle, the prevalent theory for what is happening in the video is that it simply captures the reflection of the sun off of Earth's atmosphere.

However UFO researchers argue that the sunlight reflection suggestion does not hold up to scrutiny when comparing the scene to known images of the phenomenon.

Others have suggested that the event was some kind of rocket launch from humans here on Earth rather than an ET escaping from the planet.

Check out the video and tell us on our Facebook page what you think may be happening in the footage.

Source: Daily Mail


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