Video: Viral 'UFO Fleet' Mystery Solved?

By Tim Binnall

The mystery surrounding an eerie cluster of lights filmed off the coast of North Carolina that some suspected could be UFOs appears to have been solved and the source of the orbs seems to be decidedly terrestrial in nature. The footage, captured by William Guy as he rode on a ferry across the Pimlico Sound in late September, went viral last week with nearly a half-million people watching the original video online and numerous media outlets around the world showcasing the strange scene.

As is often the case with UFO videos, opinions on the footage were largely split into two camps: those who thought the oddities could be alien craft and skeptical viewers arguing for a prosaic explanation. And, in this instance, it looks as if the latter group will wind up being correct in their assessment. That's because fastidious UFO researcher Scott Brando was able to unearth footage from known instances of exercises in which military flares were dropped via parachute and the resemblance to the 'UFO fleet' filmed by Guy is uncanny.

Of course, Brando's findings, which can be seen in a well-produced comparative video above, may not be enough to convince some UFO enthusiasts who 'want to believe,' unbiased observers would be hard-pressed not to conclude that the cluster of lights seen over Pimlico Sound was, in fact, parachuted flares. With that in mind, do you consider the case solved or does the extraterrestrial hypothesis still hold water when it comes to Guy's footage? Share your thoughts at the Coast to Coast AM Facebook page.

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