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Video: Virgin Mary Leaves Rose Petals at Troubled Texas Restaurant?

By Tim Binnall

The owner of a troubled restaurant in Texas believes that her business was visited by the Virgin Mary and that she left rose petals behind as a sign that she had been there. Sara Asocar's Tex-Mex restaurant in the city of Galveston has reportedly been struggling financially over the last few months because construction outside has made it difficult for patrons to access the establishment. Uncertain as to whether or not her business, which she says is losing $5,000 a week, can survive, Asocar got what she feels was a reassuring message from above last month.

According to Asocar, when she was opening the restaurant this past November 13th, she noticed that rose petals had been inexplicably placed on a seat at one of the tables. Checking the security camera footage to see how that could have occurred, the beleaguered business owner was astounded when she spotted what appears to be a glowing figure inside the establishment at around three in the morning. Asocar suspects that the anomaly was the Virgin Mary as her restaurant prominently features a statue of Our Lady of Guadalupe, which was a famous Marian apparition case from 1531 in which the witness was directed to roses as a way of proving his experience was real.

"I cried when I saw the video," Asocar told a local TV station, having decided to reveal the footage to the world this week for the first time, "I was stunned. I just started crying." As for what the potential visit from the Virgin Mary may have meant, the restaurant owner mused that "I hope she's giving her blessings" as the financial difficulties of the last few months have left Asocar wondering how much longer her business can stay open. At the very least, one assumes that the news of the potential Marian visit and the subsequent publicity surrounding it will bring in some curious customers, so it may wind up being just the miracle that her restaurant needed.


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