Video: Water Stain Resembling Virgin Mary Causes Stir in Colombia

By Tim Binnall

The parking lot of a bakery in Colombia has been transformed into something of a makeshift shrine following the discovery of a water stain that some believe bears a resemblance to the Virgin Mary. The curious marking, which is located in the country's capital city of Bogota, was reportedly discovered last week by a security guard. Word of the weird stain spread quickly and now the spot has become a destination for the devoutly Catholic residents of the community.

"Every day, between 50 and 60 people come here," one of the bakery employees told a Colombian media outlet, "they visit the spot and pray, and somehow it is really important for them and us." Fortunately, she said, the throngs of visitors have made a point of purchasing baked goods from the shop, so the presence of the stain outside has not had a deleterious effect on the business. The worker went on to insist that the marking is "a miraculous image" that was not created by natural means such as humidity.

As for what the meaning of the potential sign might be, the bakery employee observed that none of the staff at the shop have gotten sick with the coronavirus and, as such, she suspects that it is an indication that they are being watched over by the Virgin Mary. That interpretation seems to be echoed by the pilgrims who come to visit the marking, she said, as they predominantly pray for protection from the pandemic.


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