Video: Weird Sea Creature Remains Wash Ashore in Siberia

By Tim Binnall

The massive remains of a mysterious sea creature that washed ashore in Siberia has left local residents baffled by its bizarre appearance and aghast at its smell. The revolting 'monster' was reportedly found near the village of Pakhachi in an area which borders the Bering Sea. Described as being the size of three men, the creature seems to sport a number of large, hairy-looking limbs, but no discernible face or eyes.

One particularly intrigued resident, Svetlana Dyadenko, went so far as to capture video footage of the odd find which allows for a remarkably close look at the creature without having to endure its overpowering odor. Speaking to the Siberian Times, she marveled at the monster's "tubular fur" and poetically mused that "I wish scientists could inspect this enigma that the ocean threw at us." At the very least, considering the smell, Dyandenko would likely be happy with someone just removing the carcass.

As to what the 'monster' may be, theories seem to run the gamut, with some imaginative viewers of the video actually suggesting that it could be the remains of a woolly mammoth that broke free from the permafrost due to rising temperatures. While we'd love for that to be the case, an area marine biologist suggested that the globster was probably just part of a whale. He went on to explain that its weird appearance was the product of "the sea, time and various animals" laying waste to the carcass before it arrived on the beach to torment people living nearby with its stench.


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