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Video: Wingsuit Stunt over Los Angeles Bewilders Witnesses

By Tim Binnall

People in downtown Los Angeles on Wednesday evening were left wondering if they'd just seen a meteor or some kind of UFO after spotting a strange streak of light in the sky that turned out to be nothing more than a fantastic stunt. Occurring at sunset, the odd event inspired numerous bewildered onlookers to take to social media, sharing photos and videos of the perplexing sight. The most prevalent theory offered by witnesses was that it was a meteor burning up after entering our atmosphere, although others, of course, suggested that the oddity was alien in nature.

Fortunately, the mystery was as short-lived at the event itself as the LAPD announced on Twitter that "a meteor did not crash into Downtown Los Angeles, and no, it's not an alien invasion...just a film shoot. This is Tinseltown after all." It was later explained that the anomalies in the sky were, in fact, a trio of skydivers equipped with wingsuits that were laden with LED lights and pyrotechnics are part of an elaborate celebration of the final supermoon of 2019 courtesy of the energy drink Red Bull.

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