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Virgin Mary Statue Spotted 'Crying' at Church in Mexico

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By Tim Binnall

Parishioners at a church in Mexico were astounded during a New Year's Eve service when they noticed that a statue of the Virgin Mary kept behind a locked glass case had seemingly begun crying. The strange scene reportedly unfolded at the San Antonino Obispo chapel in the town of Cerro Armadillo Grande. As is often the case with such potentially miraculous events, word of the eerie event soon spread throughout nearby communities and people began flocking to the church to pray at the weeping statue.

One visitor theorized to a local media outlet that the crying statue could be an indication that "something will happen" and expressed concern that "it is a mandate from heaven for disobedience to the Law of God." This thought was echoed by another individual who journeyed to the church to see the statue and mused that it was a message 'from above' that he hopes "will not announce tragedies." That said, not everyone was convinced that a miraculous event happened at the church as a number of online observers in Mexico responded to the media coverage of the crying statue by declaring it to be a hoax.


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