Virgin Mary Statue Spotted 'Crying'

A small church in New Mexico has been inundated with visitors after a statue of the Virgin Mary was seen weeping at the site. According to local media coverage, the eerie enigma at the Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic Church in the town of Hobbs was first noticed by a wife and husband attending Sunday service earlier this month. Initially thinking that the 'tears' were simply a reflection of the light, they were amazed when, upon getting closer to the statue, that they, indeed, saw some kind of moisture that was coming from the eyes of the piece.

Word soon spread among the excited congregation and ultimately reached the church's pastor, Father Pepe, who was mystified by what perceive to be a miraculous occurrence. Intriguingly, he says that the tears do not seem to be watery and are, instead, an oily substance which he described as smelling like roses. Pepe preserved some of the tears with a cloth and the Catholic Church plans to investigate the matter to see if they can determine if there is a some explanation, beyond divine intervention, for the odd event.

Meanwhile, the story surrounding the church's statue has become something of a sensation in the area with people from throughout New Mexico as well as other nearby states flocking to the site. The rush of curious visitors has been so enormous that workers at the church say that they have had to keep the building open around the clock in order to accommodate the continuous wave of visitors. And while they weeping may eventually be explained by some kind of issue with the building, we're guessing that, to those who make the trek to the church, where the crying came from may be less important than what it might mean.

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