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Virginia Man Walks Barefoot Across 120 Feet of Lego Bricks!

A man in Virginia with a high tolerance for pain may have grimaced his way into the Guinness Book of World Records by walking barefoot across 120 feet of Lego bricks.

The torturous triumph, which smashed the previous record of 85 feet, was performed by Russell Cassevah from the city of Chesapeake.

Adding a layer of showmanship to his feat, he even broadcast the Lego walk live online like a modern day Evel Keneval, albeit with a much safer stunt.

After an appropriate amount of buildup, including a showcase of his lengthy Lego layout and an explanation of the rules required to break the record, he commences with the walk.

An attempt to provide commentary while he steps along the Lego path quickly proves to be too much for Cassevah, who is soon reduced to a series of pained yelps as the colorful toys repeatedly pierce his feet.

Nearing the end, as one can imagine, he begins to question the wisdom of attempting to walk across such a long path of loose Legos, since the bricks keep sticking to his feed and compounding the agony.

Finally, after 120 arduous feet, he reaches the finish line to the cheers of onlookers and a considerable amount of relief.

For those wondering why Cassevah would want to perform such a maddening mission, he was actually doing it for a good cause since the walk was done to raise money for the charity FairyBricks, which distributes Lego toys to hospitalized children.

Having recorded the record-breaking stroll, Cassevah now waits for Guinness to confirm that he has captured the title for longest barefoot Lego walk.

Let's just hope there weren't any Duplo bricks accidentally included along the pathway, since the inclusion of the larger Lego toys for toddlers may cause some controversy.

Source: UPI

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