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Vivid 'UFOs' Filmed in Arizona

A remarkable video of anomalous aerial activity taking place in the sky over the Arizona desert has sparked debate in the UFO community over the nature of the footage.

As he was driving to Phoenix, Mauricio Morales spotted a series of strange lights in the sky and pulled over to the side of the road to get a better view of the scene.

Morales then observed six orange-colored objects seemingly hovering in formation for approximate fifteen minutes before they simply vanished.

Fortunately, he was able to capture the event on film and subsequently shared the video on Facebook, asking if anyone had any idea what he had just seen.

As one might expect, the footage was quickly picked up by hopeful UFO enthusiasts who marveled at the clarity of the video that they believe clearly shows some kind of alien craft.

However, Morales himself begs to differ as his conclusion is that he had witnessed military jets dropping flares which is an assessment shared by researchers and skeptics who study such footage.

While the tale of similar anomalous videos generally tend to end at that point of disagreement, this particular piece of footage has proven to be rather pernicious as many UFO enthusiasts insist that the Arizona objects were not flares.

Some have gone so far as to declare a cover-up surrounding the footage simply because it is 'too good' and, thus, worrisome to the 'powers that be.'

That said, unless Morales comes forward and says he was visited by an MIB telling him to endorse the flare story, it's unlikely that there really is a conspiracy to fool the public about the footage.

Let us know what you think was really behind the Arizona objects at the Coast to Coast AM Facebook page.

Source: Express


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