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Walk-in Stories

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We asked people to share accounts of when they felt their soul might have been overtaken by the presence of an alien or a spirit. Here are five responses:

A Heavy Energy
My husband and I own a rental property and had rented the downstairs to a young man that had been very heavy and stayed in a nursing home for a long time to lose weight... He was very grateful to us especially me for renting to him as he had never lived on his own. Well, to make a long story short one day we got a call from the upstairs tenants that he had dropped to the ground outside and... [an] ambulance arrived.

I immediately called the hospital to find out his condition, they would not give me any information. My husband and I immediately drove to the hospital and met his family coming out as we drove up. He had passed and was DOA. We then went to the rental property and as we drove down the long drive I became upset and told my husband to stop and pull over on the grass--- he thought I was nuts so I screamed stop! He did and I said this is where he died. I could feel energy running through me. My husband insisted I was wrong, that he had passed further down the drive. If I stepped out of the spot I felt normal but stepping back into that spot I could feel energy running through me. Later we found out that where I had said I felt him is where he went down the second time and could not be revived.

My husband and unlocked the doors for his family members and left, when we returned home...suddenly I felt very big and heavy with the warmest feeling and instantly I knew he had just passed through me! I know this sounds like my imagination but it was so real that my legs were heavy, my stride was slower. I am sure his soul or energy went through me. He really liked me and was so grateful always that I had rented to him. I think it was his way of saying good-bye and thanks.
---E. C.

The New Jennifer
I strongly believe that [I became a walk-in] back in 1984. At the time, I wrote to Ruth Montgomery with my story, and she confirmed that I surely am a "walk-in"...To make a long story short, I had left my husband, and was an exhausted single parent. I was going to a naturopath, who decided that I should quit taking my thyroid supplement, and take homeopathic thyroid supplements instead. About a month after I did that, my thyroid gave out, and my adrenals quit working.

I didn't know that at the time. All I knew was that I had a very stressful day, and had a monstrous migraine headache. I picked up my son from daycare, and drove home. When I got home, my head felt like it would burst...the worst I have ever had. I lay down on the bed, and suddenly I was soaring upward. All I could see was the blackness of the universe, and stars everywhere. I don't remember what happened. But I awoke about a half an hour later, and my headache was completely gone. But the next day, my body started falling apart.

Over the next weeks, my speech became slow and difficult, my memory was bad, and I had pain in my face and all muscles. Apparently, it was total adrenal failure, and I was dying. However, I was different...there was a different soul inside my body.

Since the body was so weak, I slept a lot...about 14 or 15 hours a day. My BP was incredibly low. But I was connected to the universe. I was constantly in an altered state...with only enough energy to do the most necessary things. Eventually, I went to a doctor, and went back on my thyroid medication, and I slowly improved. Becoming "normal" took about 2 years.

But I have never become the same person I was before. In retrospect, I am sure that the "old" Jennifer wanted to leave, but was worried about her child. I agreed to raise him, and to try to nurture the broken body back to health. And I have. It was dicey for awhile. And I went through a lot of "teaching" while I was ill.

I had lessons constantly, in my dreams. I also became somewhat psychic, and could see the etheric body of people, animals. I had felt the oneness of all creation. I was meditating frequently. I was able to function from a "higher" place, while the body was healing itself, and the personality gradually reasserted itself. I learned very valuable lessons, which I have never forgotten. I never became like the old Jennifer again. I became a lot more serious, more retrospective, and lived more in the moment. I have a much greater respect for the sacredness of all things, and for our Mother Earth.
--Jennifer K.
Ontario, Canada

A Burning in My Heart
It was around 1990, I was praying when a feeling, like fire came over me. It started at the top of my head and went down to my toes. That feeling lasted three days. I could not speak for three months after that I was so astonished.

After the burning of my entire being left, I was left with simply a burning in my heart. I was then able to communicate telepathically with unseen beings. I was given a job that had to do with loving my neighbor as myself, which I accomplished with the help of the unseen. It had nothing to do with religion because my church kicked me out immediately when I proceeded to follow directions. Interestingly, I was rejected by all my neighbors, friends and relatives as well, but the burning persists and I continue to obey.

A Downward Spiral
What I am going to relate to you is both unflattering to me personally and sadly true. Let me start this out by saying like many people I was a skeptic when it came to ET's and whether they were really here... However one frigid February night changed all that for me. I was visitingfriends near my Bucks county home and was driving home when I saw whatlooked like a meteor or a shooting star, only much brighter and I thoughtcloser. It moved across my path out of the southwest and landed in a fieldbehind me. I slowed down to find a safe place to pull off and get out to seeif there was any fire or debris.. There was none so I stayed in my car andangled the rearview mirror to see.

I woke up feeling startled and out of place. My body was cold and my insidefelt horrible. I was a 200 + lbs guy who studied martial arts so I was notused to feeling timid or weak, but that's how I felt. I went home and wrappedup in blankets and stayed and shivered... for almost 16 hours. I saw aphysician who said they could not find anything wrong. So thinking I had abug I went on about my life...

First clue something was wrong was my cats ran away that is to say the hid from me which was unusual but hey they're cats...First time a friend stopped by they bolted out past him and never came back.But that was only the beginning.

In a period of 4 years my life has been hell.I no longer work out or study Kung Fu. All my friends from that period of mylife refuse to speak to me, citing non-specific incidents I have no memoryof. I have lost jobs... [I] was firedfrom one job from what they call sleep talking about humans and tombs. Mindyou before 1998 Feb none of these things ever happened. I was the picture offunctioning. Now I am 500 lbs and am about to be evicted from my home. Ihave had consults with psychiatric doctors and none can find anything excepta deep subconscious fear, but of what?... I started having dreams thatalmost sound like alien abductions but none of it makes any since.

Please share this story, perhaps it can help some one, I believe I am behindhelp.So I go on doing the best I know how...
--David J.

The Translucent Lady
Hello my name is Christine and about 15 yrs. ago I experienced a walk-in. I was laying down taking a nap and I had what seemed to be a really strange dream. I was on a beach walking and then I came to this big old house. I walked in and there was a staircase made out of oak in front of me and I started walking up. I came to a landing that had a huge stained glass window and then more stairs. I got up to the top and there was a door and I knocked on it. A man opened the door and said "Oh hi Chris, come on in. She isn't here yet but she should be here any minute. Come on in and lay down on the couch."

I remember there being people in the other room sitting around a table like they were eating a meal. I laid on the couch for just a few moments and there was a knock at the door. The same man opened it and there stood a very translucent looking lady. She walked in and I remember looking at her lips. The only color on her was the red of her lips. He helped her off with her coat which was also translucent. He told her that I was there and waiting on the couch.

She walked over to me and said "hello Chris" this isn't going to hurt. All you have to do is just lay here and I'll do the rest." I remember thinking "what is she going to do?" So I laid very still and she started to lay on my legs and I remember this waving motion coming over me. Like waves in the water. It started by my feet and kept moving up my body. I looked toward my feet and I could see her coming into my body.

I woke up from my nap and I was still feeling the waving motion moving through my body. I couldn't move when I awoke except my eyes were open and I could see the clock. It was about two o'clock in the afternoon. I wanted to remember the time because I know something strange was happening to me.

After that day I went into a deep depression and ended up haven't to go get some mental help from Kaiser. I had made an app. with one of the doctors there and when I told him what had happened. He then told me that he didn't think he could help me but he knew someone who could because he had dealt with the paranormal. So I went to a Dr. C. and told my story to him and I kept going to see him for a few months. I don't remember the day I came out of my depression but I am feeling much better now. So his counseling helped me. We would talk about a spirit in his house and I remember thinking "wow, they have someone here at Kaiser that handles cases like mine." I was surprised about that.I just wanted you to know that there really are walk-ins around.Thank you for your time.
--Chris J.


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