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Walking Ghost Caught on Film?

A paranormal research team in England believe they may have captured footage of a ghost walking past them as they were exploring an abandoned British Air Force.

In the eerie footage, filmed by Steve Wesson of the group UK Ghost Hunts, his fellow investigators can be seen walking down a hallway ahead of him and then turning to look inside a room.

It is at that moment that a dark form appears to be walking down the adjacent hallway ahead of them which has been illuminated by one of the investigator's flashlight.

The incredibly brief appearance of the anomaly went unnoticed by Wesson at the time and he only spotted it later when examining the footage from the investigation.

What may be most peculiar about the potential apparition is that, for a split second, it appears to have some kind of light with it.

While one might suspect that the ghost could have been some other member of the team or even the security guard tasked with keeping an eye on the property, Wesson says that all of those people can be accounted for and, thus, were not responsible for the oddity.

Additionally, he noted that the group never encountered anyone when they left the room nor heard any noises that would indicate someone nearby.

As such, Wesson suspects that they may have filmed a genuine ghost at the disused facility that has a long history of ghost tales surrounding RAF personnel lurking the halls in spirit form.

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Source: Mirror

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