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Washington Webcam Bigfoot Debunked

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By Tim Binnall

In a rather unsurprising development, a much-heralded series of images purportedly showing Bigfoot lurking on the side of a mountain in Washington have been debunked. The tantalizing photos made headlines late last month when the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) posted them to their Twitter account and breathlessly declared "Sasquatch spotted!" The department explained that the images came from one of their webcams which watch over a highway at an area called Sherman Pass.

Although the story was quickly picked up by media outlets around the world, Bigfoot enthusiasts who saw the photo were less than impressed. Many pointed to the fact that the 'creature' seemed to be stationary for a considerable length of time, leading most skeptical observers to conclude that it was either a case of pareidolia or, failing that, a clever prank. And now an update from the WSDOT seems to confirm their suspicions that the oddity in the images was not Sasquatch.

According to a tweet posted by the department on Wednesday, "we'd planned to reveal what was in front of Sherman Pass cam during a recent visit. However, when crews arrived it was gone." While some wishful thinkers may prefer to argue that this turn of events simply indicated that the Sasquatch has left the area, the WSDOT did their best to dispel that fanciful idea. "Rumor has it someone placed a 3/4" wood cutout of Bigfoot on the tree," they said, "however, if you look now, the cutout is now gone."



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