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Washington Wind Mystery Solved

Washington Wind Mystery Solved

A mysterious event that knocked down over 100 large trees and stumped weather watchers in Washington state appears to have been solved.

Occurring in late January at Olympic State Park, the strange incident had seemingly defied explanation as meteorological experts could find no discernible source for a such a powerful wind.

This, in turn, spawned considerable speculation online that there was something stranger than a gust of air responsible for the destroyed trees.

However, further investigation into the case by blogger Cliff Mass has produced an answer to the mystery that manages to absolve UFOs and Sasquatch of any blame.

Mass' exhaustive research ultimately led him to conclude that the event was caused by the proverbial perfect combination of an air front crossing over a valley and creating a spontaneous burst of powerful wind.

In meteorological terms, which will likely sound like a foreign language to most readers, the trees were downed by "a rotor circulation associated with a strong mountain lee wave."

While the explanation may be less fantastic than a clandestine government weapons test or the second coming of the Tunguska incident, it's probably for the best when it comes to Bigfoot.

That's because being connected to extensive damage at a national park would almost certainly doom the creature's chances of finally getting the specialty license plate in the state.

Source: Cliff Mass Weather & Climate Blog

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