Watch: Alien Filmed at Peruvian Gas Station?

A UFO researcher in Peru is trumpeting incredible video which he says captures an alien appearing at a gas station and being chased away by witnesses.

The remarkable footage, from late last month, shows some kind of object or entity seemingly wander away from the side of a nearby building and begin creeping towards the gas station.

At random points, the 'thing' appears to either glow or reflect the many lights illuminating the area.

When one of the workers at the gas station sees the anomaly, it quickly departs from the area in a manner that suggests some kind of sentience as opposed to simply being flown away like a balloon.

While the video lacks any verbiage from the witnesses at the station, their actions indicate that they were perturbed by the 'visitor' since they look to be chasing it away after it returns.

At various intervals during the pursuit, the mysterious oddity even appears to float rather than run, although the video makes it hard to discern exactly how it is moving.

Perhaps most perplexing is a second video from the incident that allegedly shows a much closer look a the entity but also manages to undercut the potential veracity of the case.

In the extremely dark footage, the 'entity' looks extremely shiny and very balloon-like before it somehow manages to survive an encounter with a massive truck on the highway to which it tried to escape.

The case is being investigated by prominent Peruvian UFO researcher Anthony Choy, who insisted to the website El Popular that, "this entity is not of this world."

He theorized that the purported alien utilized teleportation as a way of traveling to and from Earth.

According to another media source in Peru, three gas station employees and a policeman encountered witnessed the 'entity' and got as close as six feet from it before being overcome by a strange feeling not to come any further.

Fortunately, the scene of the incident allowed for additional perspectives as the gas station was equipped with four security cameras and one worker filmed the affair with their cell phone. You can see out some of other the footage here.

In light of the testimony and reaction of the witnesses, it certainly appears that something strange happened at the gas station in Peru.

Whether it was an alien, an elemental, a misidentified animal, an elaborate hoax, or something else entirely will likely remain a mystery.

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Source: El Popular / Con Nuestro Peru


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