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Watch: 'Alien' Owls Filmed in India

An eerie video from a construction site in India became a viral sensation in the country as some viewers suspected that the footage featured aliens.

Posted late last week on social media in India, the amazing video features two spooky-looking creatures seemingly standing on two legs and looking at the cameraman in a menacing fashion.

Given the humanoid appearance of the 'entities,' the ET hypothesis was proposed by many as the video circulated online and garnered thousands of viewers.

However, avian experts who saw the footage say the 'aliens' are actually barn owns that were not perched because they were standing on a flat surface.

The calculating stares of the would-be ETs was likely because the birds were surprised by the considerable attention they were receiving after being discovered at the construction site.

At least we hope that's the case and not because they had heard about all of their feathered brethren that America plans to eat in a few days.

Source: India.com


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