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Watch: Baffling Anomaly Filmed in Alaskan River

An official with the Alaska Bureau of Land Management filmed a perplexing anomaly in the state's Chena River that has left viewers scratching their heads.

Craig McCaa was documenting the changing of the seasons at the popular rafting and fishing destination when he spotted a puzzling 12 to 15-foot-long oddity seemingly swimming in the river.

Unable to determine what the "strange thing" was, McCaa posted the video to the Alaska BLM Facebook page, leading to thousands of people watching the footage and offering their opinions.

McCaa theorized that the anomaly could be a piece of ice-covered rope, although he noted that other observers have proposed possibilities ranging from the prosaic, such as a giant sturgeon, to the fantastic, including the always-tantalizing 'sea monster.'

How one interprets the video likely depends on whether they think the anomalous object is moving on its own or simply being swayed by the force of the river.

Let us know what you think the puzzling object filmed by McCaa might be at the C2C Facebook page.

And Coast Insiders who would like to learn more about sea monster lore should check out author Steve Alten's 6/1/2016 appearance on the program.

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Source: Alaska Dispatch News


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