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Watch: Beekeeper Busts Huge Hornet's Nest in Louisiana

A nightmarish video from Louisiana features a fearless exterminator removing a massive hornet's nest from a backyard shed.

It took nearly an hour for the brave beekeeper, named Jude Verret, to dismantle the entire nest while the angry insects swarmed around him.

In a jaw-dropping video showing the removal process, Verret can be seen picking up huge chunks of the nest while being protected by a special suit to prevent being stung.

As this is unfolding, the now-homeless hornets can be heard pelting the nearby camera like raindrops as they furiously fly through the air looking for someone or something to blame for their misfortune.

Miraculously, Verret managed to complete the arduous extermination without suffering a single sting, which is rather remarkable considering the sheer size of the nest and the number of wasps involved.

The harrowing scene is almost enough to make one happy knowing that winter is right around the corner.

Source: National Geographic


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