Watch: Bigfoot Busted Burying Game Camera?

A perplexing video allegedly leaked by a law enforcement officer appears to show a hairy creature, that some believe to be Bigfoot, trying to bury a game camera.

According to the man who supplied the video to the website Sasquatch Chronicles, he obtained the footage from a colleague working in the remote forests of Northern California.

Allegedly, the game camera had been used by law enforcement as a possible way of spotting marijuana growers operating in the area.

The device which supplied the footage was purportedly placed "27 miles back in the Sequoia National Forest, not accessible by vehicles, only ATV, then foot."

When the law enforcement officers went to retrieve the cameras, the source says, they were stunned to discover this particular piece of footage.

In the undeniably ambiguous video, the game camera manages to capture footage of a hairy creature seemingly burying the device under a pile of leaves.

The man who produced the footage for the website claims that, based on his experience as a game warden, the creature was not a bear and that he obtained the video because his colleague had no idea what else to do with it.

As can be expected, the Bigfoot community is torn over the veracity of the footage with some expressing intrigue over the potentially unique perspective of the creature.

Other diligent observers are already studying the hairs seen in the video in an attempt to discern if they look real or fake.

Of course, skeptics will cite their classic explanation for footage of this kind: it's a man in a suit.

Perhaps the most credibility-busting aspect of the story is the video's suspicious chain of custody.

If the actual law enforcement official who worked the assignment with the game cameras had personally come forward with the footage, many of the details surrounding it could have been verified.

However, that was not the case and Bigfoot enthusiasts are forced to rely on an anonymous individual producing a video from a secret source.

With that in mind, the footage is rendered merely a curiosity and, sadly, provides little strength in the ultimate case for Bigfoot being real.

Nonetheless, check out the tantalizing video and let us know on our Facebook pagee what you think is happening in the footage.

Coast Insiders looking for more on Bigfoot can dig into our vast archive of programs devoted to the legendary cryptid including our most recent show from 7/30/2016 which looked at the 'dark side of Bigfoot.'

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Source: Sasquatch Chronicles

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