Watch: Bigfoot Filmed in Oregon?

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By Tim Binnall

An odd piece of footage posted online by a Sasquatch enthusiast in Oregon shows a strange anomaly which he believes is a Bigfoot that was watching him while he was out hiking. Mike Bodewitz reportedly shared the curious material (which can be seen below) on TikTok last month, declaring that "there is a Sasquatch in this video. This is not a hoax. This is real life." He proceeds to zoom in on a computer playing the footage and points out what he argues is the elusive cryptid lurking amongst some trees.

Drawing attention to a dark round shape the footage, Bodewitz asserts that this anomaly is, in fact, a Bigfoot's head and notes what he sees as eyes, the top of the cranium, and sunlight reflecting off the perceived creature's cheek. Asked for additional details from his followers on TikTok, the Sasquatch enthusiast claimed that he was around "25 to 30 feet" away from the cryptid when the encounter occurred. Bodewitz also insisted that, despite what some viewers might think, the oddity could not have been a stump due to its considerable height.

It would appear that the incident was not Bodewitz's first run-in with Bigfoot as his TikTok account features several similar videos allegedly showing a glimpse of the famed cryptid in various woodland settings. If his footage is genuine, it would seem that the self-described "family man who loves Sasquatch" has a special knack for finding the creature, though skeptical observers are more likely to dismiss his material as the product of pareidolia and perhaps some wishful thinking. What's your take on Bodewitz's video? Share your thoughts at the C2C Facebook page.


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